One Black Orchid is a two piece rock band formed by Richard Frank (Vox/guitars/songs) and Karl Scally (drums/percussion).

Richard Frank music is the “disgusted music of NOW” reflecting the sympathies of the current generation that will inherit the consequences of wars, consumption excesses and narrowed visions of former generations. With similarities to the 60’s protest music, the pluckings of Richard’s gritty guitar hope to illicit his listeners to take action for social change and world fellowship. It is the protest music of the 21st century.

“I was stuck with Karl and myself only – and, as usual, a set of songs that begged to be recorded. I didn’t want to use two piece cliches as employed by Jack White – which would not suit my songs anyway – I decided to gig the songs from Medz 4 Life as a 2-piece in order to create a huge 2-piece sound that could be recorded exactly as it sounds live. I use 3 valve amps in parallel, 1 clean, one half dirty and one totally effected. This setup causes one electric to sound like a wall of sound. I do use a clean and a dirty vocal mike to provide two vocal tones. Karl, as usual, sounds like a avalanche.

Richard Frank