What Our Latest Album “Summer In A Bad Town” Is All About

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Summer in a Bad Town” is the latest album released by us. Here’s our take on the album and the meaning behind these indie rock protest music songs:

What bad town? London. Haven for international banking gangsters, the rotten tradition of born-wealthy government, and home to war criminals. Centre of Military Intelligence that hawks data to despots large and small. Within a mile, absurd wealth ignores vile poverty. I have an English passport and ashamed to have to carry it.

The songs allude to the spiritual bankruptcy of leaders who drive the British masses to hopelessness, slaughter innocents abroad in cultures those leaders are too shallow to appreciate, and too godless to begin to understand. I have been tortured twice in diamond Africa colony Sierra Leone, where born and grew up, by the english-trained State Security apes who protect puppet governments there, and I have lost many close friends, murdered by those apes.

“Disgusted Rock N’Roll”? Sure thing!”

Hope you like it and appreciate the “Disgusted Music of Now” depth to these protest music songs – hear “Happy Days in Babylon” here

Richard Frank – lead singer and producer

Track Run Down

  • Track 1 – Summer In Bad Town – reportage upon the eroded hopes of good folk misled by corrupt and loaded greed-capital system. Generations of good people exploited, drained and dumped.
  • Track 2 – Happy days in Babylon – mocks the English and the “westerner” i.e. the yank, the European and the folk of the shiny banking and military outposts that serve the superwealthy, not us. Unwilling to rise up against the corruption: perhaps too neutered to fight, the good peoples of the “west” to sit in our chosen daze. The trinket-dazzled daze of the trivial monies we are allowed to squander on trash. The daze of tribalsport, booze, drugs and staring blanky at dumbdown tv. Happy days? Sure. Babylon? (in the biblical, koranic n rasta sense) Oh yep!
  • Track 3 – My Sweet Times – written for ladies of Gaza. And ladies of enormous grace they are: brave under the obscene shadow of US/UK/Israeli tyranny
  • Track 4 – Silent Symphony – the crumbling, shadowy love between the damaged people of the world we make
  • Track 5 – Long Mile 2 Paradise – those hurt by war may be too hurt to love
  • Track 6 – The Joy – do you think we have a chance, we humans?
  • Track 7 – Love Will Lite Us Up – It will if we let it
  • Track 8 – The Moon – the fragrance of love
  • Track 9 – Got No Souls – the blankness of the godless
  • Track 10 – A Groove Will Come Upon Us – Now and then, people Do rise up. They are our Angels

All proceeds go back into making more music to encourage social change. We hope you like our brand of “disgusted music of now”. Available to buy here

Listen out for us being played on US internet radio stations over next few weeks – we would love to hear what you think of our music?