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New Video – Summer Coma

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As part of releasing our new album Summer Coma, we’re producing new music videos. The first one available is the Summer Coma track itself – we hope you enjoy watching it and feel free to share with friends. More about our new album here, where you can sample another track[…]

New Album – Summer Coma

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We’ve now released our new 4th album – Summer Coma – much rockier album than perhaps our previous indie rock albums have been. The track currently playing – London Dreams Are Falling is one of our favourites on the album. We hope you like it and would like to hear[…]

New Indie Rock Tracks

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We’ve now released our 4th album – Summer Coma that we think is much rockier, though still continuing our indie rock protest music theme of “disgusted music of now” – here are a few sample tracks to check out: London Dreams Are Falling – they are, aren’t they? What could[…]